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Gem Mining & Gold Panning at Wagonmaster Ranch Resort
in Western North Carolina.
"Your special memories are waiting for you"

Our gem bags are especially designed for our visitor’s different preferences. There are treasure bags, fossil bags, regular gem bags, “rock hound” bags, and family packages. Beginners & seasoned miners, children and adults have ALL enjoyed the gems and treasures from mines around the world.

Rock hound bags have ALL rough stones and precious and semi-precious gems including emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Our most avid rock hound guests RAVE about our selection of stones!

Other bags may include a variety of rough and tumbled authentic gem stones like:
Citrine ♦ moonstone ♦ rose and smoky quartz ♦ amethyst ♦ tiger eyes ♦ snowflake obsidian ♦ jasper ♦ tourmaline ♦ calcite ♦ agate ♦ septarian ♦ crystals, aventurine ♦ labradorite ♦ unakite ♦ petrified wood ♦ sodalite ♦ peacock ore ♦ hematite ♦ fluorite ♦ apatite ♦ calcopyrite ♦emeralds ♦ rubies ♦sapphires and lots more.

The treasure bags have great surprises to delight the kids in addition to gems. Our fossil bags have a combination of fossils and gemstones. Beware; you can become a “rock hound” before you know it and you will want MORE!

You don’t have to be a kid to have a GREAT time at the Salty Dog Gem Mine at Wagonmaster Ranch Resort.
Affordable fun for all Ages!

Covered water flume with lighting and fans for all weather.
Discounts for Church groups, family reuinions, birthday parties and other groups.
10% off to law enforcement, active military, 1st responders, and seniors over 65.
Ask about wagon rides!

Gold Panning with concentrated ore
from an ACTIVE Mine!

The gold is shipped from a gem mine established in 1847.
The mine claims it is the purest gold

in the world in its natural form @ 98.7 pure.

Ask about our Gift Certificates or Gem bags to go.
We ship EVERYWHERE in the U.S.. year round. IT IT TOO EXPENSIVE TO SHIP TO CANADA or outside the US.   Order online or Call for details.

Dates Days and Times
Nov 21st- Nov 28th WED, FRI SAT.OPEN : 11am to 4pm - Closed Thurs.
Nov 29 - Mar 1st  
Park is closed for winter - cabins open
Labor Day weekend Fri. - Sat.: 11am to 5pm, Sun. 12pm to 4pm
Veterans' Weekend Fri. - Sat.: 11am to 5pm, Sun. 12pm to 4pm.
August 8th - November 28th

Thanksgiving Week: wed - Saturday 11am - 4 pm Except CLOSED Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

Cabins Open Year Around
Apalachia Lake Tours Open April - October
The Wagon Wheel Event Center Open Year Around
The adventure park is closed during winter - cabins are open.
Also at Wagonmaster Ranch Resort
♦ Elec/water  RV site + Self-contained sites ♦ 4 cabins ♦ Playground
♦ Free picnic areas & natural parks ♦ CLEAN bathhouse with shower
♦ Wagon rides ♦ Shooting Arcades for Paintball
♦ Mini Golf and mini car dune buggy tracks ♦Wagon Wheel Event Center
♦ Gift shop and snacks ♦ Pavilion with charcoal grill and electric outlet
♦ APALACHIA LAKE TOURS on Lake Apalachia ♦ Skeet Range
 ♦ Fields of the Wood Bible Park  ♦ Blue Ridge Railroad 
 ♦ Rafting & Kayaking  ♦ Zip lines & Tubing & Horseback riding
 ♦ waterfall Hike & other hiking  ♦ LAKE APALCHIA FOR swimming & fishing
 ♦ Golf  ♦ Boating on Lake Hiwassee or Apalachia
 ♦ Fishing at Otter Creek Trout Farm  ♦ wineries & breweries
 ♦ Ducktown Copper Mine Museum   ♦ Local Flea Markets