Trips include an interactive educational presentation and a FREE WAGON RIDE through the park.  Students will receive FREE:

Identification Card
A Bag for their Treasures
"Rock Hound" certificate

Discount prices for school field trips: $8 for one gallon gem bags.
You can add a break open geode for $1.50 extra for a great follow-up school or home activity.

There's PLENTY of parking and picnic areas.  You will need at least 2 1/2 hours for a field trip with presentation and more time if you bring a bag lunch.  You can reduce the time requirement if you do not have the presentation on site and just take the materials for a follow-up class.  The younger children will need more time for mining, so plan on no less than 2 1/2 hours for them. 


A special Earth Science "hands on" learning experience that's both educational and fun has been developed by our staff with the assistance of a professional educator. The programs are geared towards the specific grade level of the participants in conjunction with Common Core Standards and competency goals.

In addition to the gems your group will find and take home, they will also leave with an understanding of the important role which North Carolina played in our country's gold and gem mining history. 

Math and language goals will be fulfilled for the younger grades K - 3rd grade and they will complete an art project. Plus they will take home worksheets for follow-up study. 
The 4th graders will have a more comprehensive presentation in Earth Science by learning about the types and cycle of: 

Natural Earth Movements 
How Gemstones were formed 

They will also see and touch a wide variety of gems and rocks and learn their properties and uses.